Cast and crew

Kitto Maddrell

Writer and Creator

Kitto is the creator of Truesdale, and our scriptwriter for Series One. She is a 21 year old Creative Writing undergraduate about to do a Masters in Film and Television. She currently has one other podcast in development: ‘Tartarus’, a science fiction horror series. Kitto is a trans woman and identifies as asexual and panromantic. She is also an alumni of the United Space School of Houston, Texas.

Alex Horn

Dr Mike Truesdale

Alex is the voice of our character Dr Mike Truesdale. He is a 19 year old Creative Writing undergraduate, and a jack of all trades. Amongst multiple writing and acting pursuits, he is soon to perform as the lead in a theatre production of ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’. Alex is cisgender male and identifies as asexual. He is a fan of the fact that giraffe’s tongues are blue to prevent sunburn.

Elliot Falkus

Scott Hopkins

Elliot is the voice of our character Scott Hopkins. He is a 20 year old English Literature undergraduate, and performance poet. Aside from Truesdale, his creative projects include working as Assistant Director on an upcoming theatre production of ‘Harvey’ by Mary Chase. Eli is a trans man and identifies as pansexual. He also has only half a toe on one foot.

Janet Lalla-Hamblin

Director and Production Manager

Janet is our director and production manager for Series One. She is a 20 year old Creative Events Management undergraduate, currently co-directing a theatre production of ‘Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency’. Janet is cisgender female and identifies as pansexual and heteroromantic. She is also a Taurus and enjoys long walks on the beach.

Ellen Carnazza

Mary Truesdale

Ellen is the voice of our character Mary Truesdale. Ellen is a 21 year old undergraduate and freelance writer, currently working on a novel and a verbatim play, as well as screenplay commissions for actors’ showreels. Ellen is cisgender female. She also has a qualification in ‘chocolate’.

Gavin Hughes

Steven Rankin

Gavin is the voice of our character Steven Rankin. Gavin is a 21 year old undergraduate, and a writer of short stories and short films, currently working on a novella. Gavin identifies as non-binary, saying “literally any pronoun you can think of is fine by me” and describes his sexuality as “mostly straight”. Gavin is also the coach for Scotland’s first national quidditch team.

PJ Kennington

Lauren Truesdale

PJ is the voice of our character Lauren Truesdale. PJ is an undergraduate and singer-songwriter living in Cornwall.



Oliver Cuenca

Jerome Lestrange

Ollie is the voice of our character Jerome Lestrange. He is a 22 year old English with Creative Writing undergraduate, as well as an editor for the online satire mag Vitriol, and sub-editor for the Mylor and Flushing Magazine. Ollie is cisgender male and entered “Yes please” under ‘Sexuality’ in our team survey. When asked for an ‘interesting fact’ for his profile, Ollie elected to paraphrase the premise of ‘The A-Team’.

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